After Carlos Amaya – also a former governor, but from Boyacá – told Romero that a single candidate should be chosen to go to the ‘Coalition of Hope’ thinking about the 2022 elections, the Nariñense attacked.

In an interview with Semana, he said that, for him, it was very hard to hear so many inconsistencies in the intervention of his bench mate. Romero maintained that in the recent poll made by the party, there were several ‘little toys’ that affected the image of that community.

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In response, Amaya asked her partner do not disqualify the exercises that are carried out within the party, among them, the survey that favored the Boyacá.

The former governor of Nariño said that instead of a survey you are willing to do part of a query “A fair vote” for the ‘greens’ to choose their candidate without the interference of aspirants from other currents who, in fact, ended up winning.

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The candidate to be a candidate did not stop there and question the level of the debates in that party, so asked for more argumentation, especially in a setting of patent division where some ‘green’ attack others.

In his speech in the magazine, Romero referred to what happened in the national strike and the deaths that occurred in some of the demonstrations.

“Now you can’t tell them anything. Now we cannot criticize that, in the midst of the massacre of young people, the ‘Coalition of Hope’ ended up next to President Duque ”.

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He added that if he remains silent in the face of situations with which many do not agree, the democratic debate and ideas are lost, at the same time that he again pointed out what he considers inconsistencies from his party partner.

“So, that you put a trill saying: ‘I will not go to the Palace’ and two days later you are standing next to Duque, it is a quiet thing […]. You will have to explain to your voters why you change your position in two days “.

For Romero, any debate within the Green party is being interpreted as an attack, putting aside the discussion, breaking trusts and creating noises.

Here, the discussion between Amaya and Romero:

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