Campbell-Ex comforts Charlène: how close are the princess and billionaire Doronin?

After spending months in South Africa, Princess Charlène went to a clinic due to exhaustion. The health problems of the past few weeks had drained her. Soon after Charlène’s return to the Princely Court, it became obvious that Charlène was “overwhelmed” and “could neither face official duties, nor life in general or even family life”, Prince Albert told last week about his wife People told. The mother of two will cure herself in a clinic outside Monaco in the coming weeks. The Prince’s Palace has not disclosed where exactly Charlène is currently. It is rumored, however, that Albert’s wife should undergo therapy in a luxury clinic in Switzerland.

Princess Charlène: consolation from billionaire Vladislav Doronin?

Albert emphasized that his wife had his fullest support during this difficult time. One who should also help Charlène in her crisis is the British Sun according to none other than Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. The 59-year-old was once with supermodel Naomi Campbell. Now the oligarch is supposed to offer Albert’s wife a strong shoulder to lean on.

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