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Can a father take parental leave?

“Our family lives in Belarus. My husband works at the place of residence, I have been working in Russia for several years. We are raising a two-year-old son. Can a spouse take parental leave until he reaches the age of three? Karina Evtukhovich, Vitebsk region.”

In accordance with article 3 of the Labor Code of Belarus, its scope applies to all employees and employers who have entered into an employment contract in the country, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Belarus commented.

Article 185 of the Labor Code stipulates that working women, regardless of length of service, at their request, the employer is obliged to provide, after the end of maternity leave, parental leave until they reach the age of three years.

Such leave is granted at the discretion of the family to a working father or another relative, a family member of a child in the event his mother goes to work (service), study (when receiving vocational, secondary specialized, higher or postgraduate education in the daytime form of education), training in clinical residency in full-time form, as well as if she is an individual entrepreneur, notary, lawyer, creative worker, a person engaged in craft activities, activities in the field of agricultural tourism (except for persons who have suspended the relevant activities in the manner prescribed by law).

During the period of being on parental leave until the child reaches the age of three years, a monthly state allowance for state social insurance is assigned and paid in the manner prescribed by law.

Thus, article 185 of the Labor Code establishes the right to parental leave until the child reaches the age of three for a woman working in Belarus – a mother of a child. If she did not use her right to such leave, it is granted in the manner prescribed by part two of Article 185 of the Labor Code to the working father or other relative, family member of the child.

Since you, Karina, work in Russia on the terms of an employment contract in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the labor legislation of the Republic of Belarus, in particular Article 185 of the Labor Code, does not apply to you and your spouse.


How can a COVID-19 test be done at Minsk National Airport?

“At the end of September, my wife and I are flying to Egypt through Minsk, because before that we want to visit our Belarusian friends for a week.

According to the Minsk City Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, from August 19, the microbiological laboratory of the center at the Minsk National Airport began working around the clock. In summer, the number of studies compared to spring increased by one and a half times. Such a high demand and dictated the decision to establish a round-the-clock operation of the laboratory. Passengers of Minsk National Airport can now take a PCR test for COVID-19 around the clock or undergo rapid diagnostic testing for COVID-19 antigen (DET Ag).

The laboratory works without days off and holidays in two shifts. About 60 percent of the research is carried out from 8.00 to 20.00, the remaining 40 percent – from 20.00 to 8.00. Two thirds of those who used the PCR testing service for COVID-19 are citizens of Belarus.

Another micro-laboratory for COVID-19 tests in Minsk is planned to open at the Central Bus Station in September.


What is the harvest of watermelons in Belarus?

“A friend who visited her parents in Belarus treated them to a watermelon and said that it was grown at a local agricultural enterprise. It is no different from the famous Astrakhan ones – ripe, juicy, sweet. Is this southern berry really grown in Belarus? Anna Vasilyeva, Pskov.”

According to Tatyana Karbanovich, deputy head of the main plant growing department – head of the potato, fruit and vegetable, agrochemistry and plant protection department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus Tatyana Karbanovich, this year Belarus expects to harvest about 700 tons of melons, including watermelons: “This year melons crops are located on an area of ​​more than 50 hectares. The main cultivation of watermelons is concentrated in Drogichinsky, Mostovsky, Gomel districts. “

Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Alexander Subbotin is sure that melons in Belarus have good prospects. Recently, in a conversation with reporters, he noted that cultivation technologies are being worked out today, and this culture is declaring itself more and more loudly. Sufficiently sweet and tasty watermelons are grown in the private sector even in the Belarusian north, in the Vitebsk region.

By the way, on September 11, the traditional republican watermelon festival was held in Gomel.

Gomel, simultaneously with the Belarusian capital, celebrated the City Day on September 11 on a grand scale. The second most populous city in Belarus is just … 879 years old. It was so many years ago that Gomel was first mentioned by the compilers of the famous Ipatiev Chronicle.

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