José (Juliano Laham) and Asenate (Letícia Almeida) went through difficulties in the most recent chapters of the novel Genesis, which leads Abumani (Dudu de Oliveira) to come up with a plan for them to escape from Egypt. But can Asenate get away?

Can Asena escape from Egypt?

Despite all the obstacles overcome in the novel, the girl will not escape the kingdom of pharaoh Sheshi. Asenate is betrayed in the serials by someone she considers a friend, Teruel (Amaurih de Oliveira), and so her plans to escape go down the drain.

Furthermore, if the network follows exactly what happened in the Bible, Asenath will continue to live in Egypt and will be married soon. The plot of the flight is not portrayed in the Bible, Asenath existed in the scriptures, however, the woman is only mentioned from the moment she is given to Joseph as his wife. There is no story involving the character before this, much less a forced marriage to Adurrah – which is not mentioned in the Bible – the reason that Asenath tried to flee Egypt.

After Teruel’s (Amaurih de Oliveira) betrayal, the escape plan from Egypt fails and Abumani ends up beaten. For the Friday (15th) chapter chapter, it is described in the summary provided by Record “Asenate is held prisoner”. However, there is still no other information that indicates what will happen to the girl, if she will be imprisoned because of the unsuccessful escape from Egypt, if Asenate will commit some crime or if even the character will be held prisoner by someone like Adurrá.

Abumani is beaten after being caught by soldiers – Photo: TV Record/Reprodução

Asenate married who?

After failing to flee Egypt, Asenath will exchange alliances with someone. Luckily for her, her husband will not be the unscrupulous Adurrá (Ricardo Lyra), the woman will marry José.

In the Bible, the union of Asenath and Joseph of Egypt takes place after the boy falls into the favor of Pharaoh and becomes governor. After exchanging rings, the couple have two children, Manasseh and Ephraim. There are no quotes in the scriptures that the ex-slave and the girl knew each other before they became engaged, in the telenovela the pair see themselves for the first time while José works at Potiphar’s house and the two end up madly in love.

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