Can Godard’s star still shine? | Interview

Godard, Cinemain the original title Godard, Seoul le Cinema (Godard, Only the Cinemawhich is a quote from a leitmotif of Histoire(s) du Cinéma), he immediately tells his head what he is coming for, and why he is coming. Conceived and conceived during the life of the French-Swiss director and even, as director Cyril Leuthy tells in an interview, with his tacit approval, it had its first public presentations in September last year, at the Venice Film Festival, involuntarily simultaneously with the death of Godard (who died on the 13th of that month). But we can dispense with the funeral effect to attest to the interest of Leuthy’s work, which is above all an operation of investigation and documentary compilation — many archival images with the presence of Godard, from the most remote times, to which are added abundant excerpts from films his — to cover all periods and all phases of his work and, fatally, of his life, even if the logic followed by Leuthy is not that of a biography.

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