Canada: a ship carrying more than 52,000 kilos of chemicals burns in the Pacific

The coast guard of Canada evacuated 16 people from a burning cargo ship that is emitting toxic gas on the Canadian Pacific coast, although according to authorities this Sunday “there is no security risk” for those on the coast.

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Boat “Zim Kingston“Had set sail for Vancouver when the flames erupted, which were reported to the local coast guard at around 11:00 pm on Saturday, CBC News reported.

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“This ship is on fire and giving off toxic gas”, The Canadian Coast Guard said in a sailing advisory on its website, adding that the vessel remains anchored off the coast of British Columbia.

Then, a statement on the coast guard’s Twitter account reported that 16 people were evacuated from the ship “after the fire broke out in 10 containers.”

“The fire continues to be a dynamic event and an Incident Command Post has been established to handle the situation. Response teams are mobilizing both to fight the fire and to recover the containers “the statement said Sunday morning.

“Currently there is no security risk for people who are on the coast, but the situation will continue to be monitored”, added the tweet.

The cause of the fire is unclear.

The coast guard said the ship is carrying more than 52,000 kilograms of chemicals, located in two of the containers that caught fire, according to CBC News.




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