Canelo Álvarez: Julio César Chávez Jr assures that he is a threat to the boxer

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- In an interview with ‘The Boxglero’, Julius Caesar Chávez Jr assured that he is a “threat” to Canelo Alvarez, without ruling out a fight against the Jalisco.

In the talk, Chávez Jr pointed out that Canelo Alvarez youHe has a lot of press in Mexico, sending the first message to the boxer.

Even if they say no, I’m still a threat to Canelo, even if he doesn’t do any boxing. Why? Because people like me, I am their opposite in boxing. Someone like me doesn’t like him, because I don’t tell lies, ”declared Chávez Jr.

In 2017, Chávez Jr faced Canelo and lost by unanimous decision

Julio César Chávez Jr assured that Canelo Alvarez He is a great boxer, one of the best in Mexico, but he added that there are better ones who can give him better fights.

We are not going to respect Canelo because his name is called or because he won, because he has promoters, he has signed a contract; I’m not interested! I’m interested in fighting and that’s it, “said Chávez Jr.

The boxer mentioned that a good fight with Canelo It is to knock out and he did not rule out having another confrontation with the Mexican.

It is morbid, because it is going to generate, even if they say no, that it becomes pen… sativa, it is going to generate a lot, ”added Chávez Jr and declared that he fights with the best.

Julio César Chávez Jr recognized that Canelo Alvarez He has had more fights, but mentioned that Alvarez has faced them under favorable circumstances and without risks.

In the same talk, Chavez Jr He called his father a legend, but also someone who does not know about business.

In another interview, Chávez Jr mentioned that the rivalry with Canelo It is because “several women have taken down” the native of Jalisco.

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