Cantinho das Aromáticas closes and Câmara de Gaia seeks solutions | Vila Nova de Gaia

Faced with financial problems, Cantinho das Aromáticas, an agricultural business based in Gaia, closes its doors this Saturday. The closure was announced this Friday, on social media, by the company that has been producing aromatic herbs from Quinta do Paço, in Canidelo, for 21 years.

“Even with the doors closed to the public, we will wait with anticipation for the result of the negotiations between the municipality and the owner of the farm, the first step towards making the continuity of our legacy possible”, reads in the publication made by the company.

In February, Cantinho das Aromáticas entrepreneur, Luís Alves, made public that part of Quinta do Paço would be transformed into an urbanization, with his business lease contract valid until December 2024.

In addition to the uncertainty caused by the approaching end of the lease, Cantinho das Aromáticas was already going through a delicate moment. Due to the “current situation”, says Luís Alves, to PÚBLICO, the 2022 financial year was “disastrous”.

The insolvency process is ongoing, explains the businessman, adding that there is already a Special Revitalization Process in the pipeline. “We are going to work on a plan that can enable the continuation of our legacy”, he says.

Also in early March, the Municipality of Gaia (CMG) announced that it was trying to negotiate a solution with the owner of the farm. The aim is to help make Cantinho viable and transform the land into a public park. The president of CMG, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, tells PÚBLICO that negotiations between the landowner and the municipality are still ongoing, with options still open. The mayor estimates that the process may be closed by the end of this month.

While waiting for the conclusion of the negotiations between the municipality and the private sector, Luís Alves will continue to work behind closed doors and make retail sales, while the stock the to allow. In addition to the commercial aspect, Cantinho das Aromáticas has an environmental awareness character, with free access to the public.

In response to the announcements he has made about the situation of his organic farming business, the businessman has received a wave of solidarity, he mentions. The future, he says, without giving details, depends on possible partners and location.

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