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The doses are available at Seleta, Albano Franco drive-thru and health units

By Flavio Veras | 01/13/2022 22:07

Campo Grande Prefecture published the vaccination schedule against covid-19 this Friday (14).

The second dose is available for those who took the first dose of Astrazeneca until November 14, Coronavac until December 24 and Pfizer until December 25.

The third or booster dose can be applied to those people who took the previous two until September 14th. The Janssen booster dose is released for those who vaccinated until September 15th.

Adults with a high degree of immunosuppression can take the third dose, as long as they received the previous dose at least 28 days ago, and the fourth dose, if they took three doses by September 14.

Anyone over 12 years of age who has not even taken the first dose can look for any of the places endorsed by Sesau (Municipal Health Department).

Open this Friday, Seleta, Albano Franco drive-thru and health units. There are also doses available at the sanitary barriers installed at the Bus Station and at the International Airport.

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