Debate in TN.  Santoro, Bregman, Milei and Vidal.  (Clarion)

Maria Eugenia Vidal (Together for Change), Leandro santoro (Front of All), Myriam Bregman (Left Front) and Javier Milei (Advances Freedom) are the four candidates who put forward their ideas and answer questions in the one of you at first debate facing the Parliamentary election of the November 14th.

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The elections have a fifth candidate, Luis Zamora (Self-determination and Freedom), who decided not to participate in the debate due to differences with the driver Marcelo Bonelli.

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How is the order of the candidates

First it was raffled, in a classic bolillero, the position on the lecterns; then he display order for the Introduction and three thematic axes, and thirdly, the display order for the closing minute. None of the representatives presented any objection to the results. The representatives of Vidal, Santoro, Milei and Bregman met on Wednesday, October 6 in the TN studios to “oversee” the draw.

From left to right, the lecterns They were organized as follows: Leandro Santoro – Myriam Bregman – Javier Milei – María Eugenia Vidal.

Debate in TN. Santoro, Bregman, Milei and Vidal. (Clarion)

First, candidates will have a free minute to make your presentation. By lottery, the first in speaking will be Myriam Bregman, followed by Leandro Santoro, then Maria Eugenia Vidal and finally Javier mercy. From there, the order will run one place in each section. That is, in the next round, Myriam Bregman will be the last to exhibit and Leandro Santoro will be the first.

The “Thematic Axes”

After the presentation of each candidate, they will begin to debate the three axes thematic:

  • First: Institutional Quality, Security and Justice.
  • Second: Economy, Education and Work.
  • Third: Health policy during the pandemic.

Available time and minute of reply

In each of the topics, each candidate will have 1.30 minutes to explain their visions. There will be 1 minute from replica to answer comments made by others and finally there will be 6 free minutes discussion between the candidates. In these 6 minutes there is no established order: the conductors Marcelo Bonelli and Edgardo Alfano will moderate the discussion, but the candidates will have to raise their voices.

Questions and answers and closing

Candidates may be you ask each other. The order was fixed, and the “Prosecutors” of the candidates, by the number of votes obtained in the September PASO elections. María Eugenia Vidal will be the first candidate to ask. Then it will be the turn of Santoro, Milei and Bregman. In that order.

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The candidate who asks may choose any of the other three and in 30 seconds you will need to ask him a question. The candidate who receives the question must answer it in 1 minute. Then, whoever asked will be able to cross-examine, in another 30 seconds, and the questioned will have another minute to reply.

Then it will be up to the next candidate to ask the question, but with a detail, which is a rule. The candidate who was previously asked cannot be asked. For example, if Vidal asked Milei, on his turn, Santoro will not be able to ask the Avanza Libertad candidate a question. This methodology will be repeated with Bregman and Milei when it’s their turn to ask.

In the end, each candidate will have one minute closing that they can use it freely for whatever they want. In this last part of the program, the first to speak will be Leandro Santoro, followed by Myriam Bregman, then María Eugenia Vidal and Javier Milei will close the debate night.

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