Capital Debate: Myriam Bregman and Javier Milei crossed paths with everything at the start

The first strong crossing of the Capital Debate, which takes place this Wednesday in the program the one of you, by TN, had as protagonists Myriam Bregman and Javier Milei. The first candidate for deputy for the Left Front recalled her past as an advisor to Eduardo Bussi and her closeness to the Vox party, from Spain, and described it as “employee of economic power”. The candidate from La Libertad Avanza accused her of “in a few minutes gather so many fallacies”.

LIVE: María Eugenia Vidal, Leandro Santoro, Javier Milei and Myriam Bregman debate in A Dos Voces

“Milei talks about the caste, but he was an advisor to the genocidal Bussi, he is with the Vox bosses, in Spain, who defend the monarchy. More stale ideas are not achieved”Bregman told the candidate he chose as the recipient of his first strong criticism. He also described him as an “employee of economic power.”

In the minute they have the right to reply, the candidate from La Libertad Avanza replied: “It is incredible that in such a short time you have gathered fallacy to-manFallacy of false association, again fallacy to-man. Can you do it with arguments, please?”.

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