Car driving school ready for the scrap heap after driver (... (Kortrijk)

Roeselare / Oostrozebeke / Ardooie / Kortrijk –

An 18-year-old girl from Oostrozebeke had a lot of bad luck during her driving test in Roeselare on Wednesday. Shortly after she started, she was already hit from behind. The instructor and examiner in her car suffered minor injuries.

Helena L. (18) from Oostrozebeke was only just completing her driving test on Wednesday when she became the victim of an accident. She was driving on Brugsesteenweg in Roeselare around 2.20 pm, but had to stop at a zebra crossing near the Mammoet Center to leave a woman. The 33-year-old Rustam A. from Kortrijk noticed this too late and drove into the car of the Ardooise Driving School from behind.

The blow was quite violent. Two ambulances had to come to the scene for examiner Luc M. and instructor Gunther V., who were in the car with Helena L.. Both suffered minor injuries. “Our instructor is equally incapacitated for work”, says the Ardooise Driving School. “Our training vehicle may be ready for the scrap heap.”

Helena L. was shocked. Since she had only just left, she will have to retake her exam.

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