Car is removed from the crater in Garcia with the help of a crane

The car that fell into a crater that opened after an Embasa pipe broke in access to Av. Rector Miguel Calmon, in Garcia, was removed by the Salvador Transit Superintendence (Transalvador) late this Thursday afternoon (16). The accident happened in the morning.

A crane was used to lift the vehicle out of the crater. Teams from Transalvador and Embasa continue to work on site.

After emptying the crater that formed on the avenue, Embasa technicians reassessed the estimate for completion of the service, which became midnight today, when the gradual resumption of supply will begin in the neighborhoods affected by the temporary interruption of the water supply. water.

The road remains blocked. As a result, drivers and motorcyclists coming from Praça Lord Cochranena Garibaldi, bound for Vale do Canela, have the option of taking Av. Vasco da Gama, passing by Barris, from where you can access Vale do Canela via Centenário, right after the tunnel, or climb Ladeira do Garcia.

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