Cardi B showed the mansion her husband gave her for her birthday

The rapper Offset gave a tremendous house to his wife Cardi B on the occasion of her birthday, the artist showed the mansion that her husband gave her for her birthday.

Through the description of the video, Cardi B told her fans that she was talking with her husband about investing in properties in the Caribbean to have a place to spend the holidays, and she thought that this topic had remained in the past until Offset He decided to buy her a gigantic house overlooking the sea in the Dominican Republic.

The mansion has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms that, however, will not become your new vacation home. In addition, it has two swimming pools.

“I was telling Set that I really want to invest in short-term house rental properties in the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean countries (since people go on vacations all year to those places), but I felt that I was not in the right place. agreed with me and that he preferred to put the money in other investments, “wrote the rapper.

Well, I was wrong. It is that I can not believe it! This was so amazing to me. On the one hand, I’m so happy that you were really listening to me and not just smiling and nodding so that I could stop talking to you about it, “said Cardi B after showing the new house.

“Two, you don’t think my investment ideas are crazy and three, I love that you asked my father to work with you on this,” the singer concluded.

Cardi B showed the mansion that Offset bought her

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