Cardiologist explains how to lower cholesterol without giving up fried

As you know, high blood cholesterol levels are associated with the development of a host of serious diseases. So, if this indicator is not reduced, then the risk of heart attack, stroke or sudden cardiac death increases sharply.

One of the mistakes of many people who are fixated on off-scale cholesterol is that they expect to reduce it by completely removing fried, fatty and salty from the menu. This is an incorrect assessment of the diet, warned cardiologist, candidate of medical sciences Anna Korenevich.

It is not necessary to completely give up fatty and fried and eliminate salty in order to lower cholesterol. “We need an energy deficit, which is achieved by reducing the amount of simple carbohydrates in the diet,” the cardiologist emphasized, noting that fruits should be eaten only in the morning.

At the same time, whole grains – just for lunch, vegetables – the more, the better. “Doctor Peter”… “Also, the diet should include white chicken meat, sea fish, egg whites, legumes, vegetable oils,” Anna Korenevich clarified.

It is important to consider that physical activity is needed to lower cholesterol. If this is an exercise bike, then you need to devote thirty minutes daily to “your” heart rate. The definition is simple – subtract your age from 180. Only this level of exercise can affect the level of “bad” cholesterol, the doctor said.

If you eat and exercise well, then non-lowering cholesterol may be hereditary.

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