Carer strangled her own grandmother: bewildered in the senior citizens' home "Stadtblick"

The act shocked. In Zwickau a nurse strangled her own grandmother. There is disbelief in the retirement home.

The alleged perpetrator Sarah S. posts many selfies on Facebook. But also gloomy sayings like “If God is gone and the devil has you, who has mercy on your soul?” © Facebook

“No, I didn’t notice that anyone was killed here. But the police were everywhere here,” says one of them, who is sunbathing on a bench.

A “Stadtblick” employee comes out of the building promptly and vehemently ends the conversation. He doesn’t want to talk about the elderly woman’s death: “Ask the police!” The question of how the facility could go to extremes remains open for the time being.

A quarrel led to a fatal confrontation. Jürgen Pfeiffer (52) from the Zwickau public prosecutor’s office did not want to say exactly what it was about because of the protection of the carer’s personal rights. But he reveals that it was, in the broadest sense, the care situation of the 81-year-olds.

"Hang the Greens" posters from the III.  Stay away: the city of Zwickau is fighting back
“Hang the Greens” posters from the III. Stay away: the city of Zwickau is fighting back

There is controversy on social media as to why the 31-year-old was released. The public prosecutor’s office had no objections to the judge’s decision: “The woman has a permanent address and confessed in full.”

In addition, she was able to credibly demonstrate that the killing was not intentional. You must contact the police Report.

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