Carla diaz
Carla Diaz commented on role in film (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

After participating in the BBB 21, Carla diaz enters a new challenging professional cycle. In conversation with the newspaper EXTRA, the blonde commented on playing Suzane Richthofen on the movie screens.

“I needed the detachment of my personal judgment from the crime and the real story because, if not, I wouldn’t be able to play this character in two movies that tell the same story but with totally different eyes,” he began.

Next, she highlighted that the characters give life to the controversial plot. “The scripts were our most important north. I understood that I had to shoot the two identical features because it was the same story. They are the ones who are telling differently, they are the great narrators, and we had to respect that. Without rooting for one or the other. The way each of them tells the story sets the pace of these films”, he said.

Arthur opined

Inside BBB 21, Carla Diaz experienced a romance that generated controversy outside the house. In conversation with the channel Rap 77, Arthur Picoli opined on his posture next to the blonde. According to him, everyone can get burned inside a reality show.

“I think people took a slightly distorted view of the situation. Before the false wall I said: ‘Let’s move away because whoever is with me is leaving’. But we lived together, there was no way to get away. What was going to drive away was elimination. And when the person leaves and you feel bad, it makes you think. I made a mistake, I talked a lot of nonsense, nonsense, as we say here. If they put a camera in everybody’s face, everybody gets screwed,” he said.

In the aftermath, he still denied having been dry with the proposal of the actress. “About the kneeling thing, she’s said millions of times that it was premeditated to show that we were playing together, and people rate it as something different. They also talk about the “left” thing (his response to her proposal). At no time was I dry, I stayed from 10:00 pm to 10:00 am drinking a lot, an hour later she arrived at the house. I wasn’t even hungover, I was still drunk. And it’s my way. People don’t accept people’s ways,” he said.

Good memories

Already in conversation with the Who, Carla said that after the program TV Globo, the good memories remain. In addition, she highlighted her affection for other participants.

“The nice thing about the program is that we, especially the girls, create a bond of friendship. We changed clothes. Thais and I are the same size and she was a person I considered to be with me from the beginning. I also wore a lot of Juliette’s clothes. That puffy-sleeved tie-dye sweatshirt Juliette wore was mine. All the girls wanted that sweatshirt, but I had promised Juliette,” she said.

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