Carla Perez swings with a thong and gains indiscreet zoom

At 44 years old, Carla perez He has a girly body on social media and whenever he can, he shares breathtaking moments. a few days ago, a fan club of the dancer published a video of the blonde dancing to a hit by the group Harmonia do Samba with Anitta.

In the fun moment, the artist poses on top of a luxurious boat at sea. In a colorful thong bikini, she did not fail to sensualize and sported a hard and round butt for play. Wearing glasses and a cap, the businesswoman stole the whole scene.

“Mercy, I just wanted to know like you”, confessed a young man. “Think of a woman with strength and energy,” said the second person. “Passion of my whole life”, commented the third.


20 years with Xanddy, Carla Perez left fans even more delighted with their relationship, after receiving a very cute tribute from the singer last week. With an open heart, he made it clear that the blonde had changed his life for the better.

“Today is her birthday, the woman who changes all of our lives. The most intense and the most loving, concerned with details, concerned with everyone. The strongest and most sensitive too. The woman that God gave me, gave us a gift”, he began.

In another passage, he pointed out her importance in his life. “Love of my whole life, how happy I am to share this journey with you. Today and always, my wish is your happiness, health, peace, love, joy and all the good things in life that you deserve. May Mr. Jesus continue to be the way and the light. I love you so much, my baby! My sunflower. Happy Birthday. I love you so much, my baby! My sunflower. Happy Birthday Today is all yours. Let’s celebrate it the way you deserve it”, he argued.

secret of everything

Already in conversation with the Who, Xanddy commented on the supposed secret to having a lasting relationship these days. Straightforward, he stated that being sympathetic with your partner is a great thing.

“I think it’s not a matter of being a rare case of a lasting couple. It encompasses many factors and that’s why it brings this idea of ​​being something difficult. I think that first, me and Carla are very in tune. We respect each other a lot and seek balance. This thing of giving in on one side makes a big difference. And God is actually the basis too. We think a lot about what God wants for our relationship, how he would act in various circumstances and situations”, he revealed.

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