Carlinhos Brown’s trio stops in the middle of the Dodô circuit

The electric trio of singer Carlinhos Brown, Camarote Andante, presented a technical problem and delayed the parade of other artists in the Dodô circuit (Barra-Ondina), in Salvador, on the night of this Friday (17).

The departure of Cacique was scheduled for 7 pm, but it was delayed during the course of the other parades and the problem worsened. Around 10 pm, the trio was still standing in front of Farol da Barra.

While the problem, which was not detailed, was evaluated, other trio passed in front of Brown. Among them, Pabllo Vittar, Solange and Igor Kannário.

The problem in the trio started right after the singer celebrated the wedding of singer Paulinho Moska with actress Larissa Bracher. The ceremony took place on the side where the trio was parked to allow the others to pass.

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