Carnival has a 38% reduction in traffic accidents

The Traffic Superintendence of Salvador (Transalvador) recorded a 38% reduction in the number of accidents compared to the last edition of Carnival in the capital of Bahia. 46 occurrences of the type were computed during party days this year, against 76 accidents recorded at the 2020 carnival. There was also a drop in the number of accident victims, from 57 to 37 this year.

The greater awareness of revelers about the importance of avoiding mixing driving and alcohol use was one of the main reasons for the decrease in numbers, according to Transalvador.

In the Operation Respect Life checkpoints, the number of fines for disrespecting Prohibition fell 25% compared to 2020. This year, agents fined 174 drivers for disrespecting Prohibition rules, against 232 who needed to be notified for the same reason. in the 2020 festival.

In addition to safer roads, Salvador’s Carnival improved the fluidity of vehicle traffic. Strategies adopted for the operation, such as the implementation of a two-way street on Rua Manoel Barreto and the installation of an exclusive lane on Dique do TororĂ³, contributed significantly to improving traffic on the days of the festivities.

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