Viih Tube explains make-out phase and reveals

Out of the spotlight, the former panicat Carol Narizinho once again flaunted her beauty on social media. Enjoying a few days of leisure in Rio Grande do Norte, the famous praise for sharing two new photos taken inside a huge swimming pool.

With a very thin, black bikini, she showed off her ripped belly in a spectacular way. In addition, the round breasts were what to talk about among the big guys. “Amazing experience,” he said in the caption.

“Wow, we can’t help but drool over her beauty,” said one young man. “Jeez, what big tits lol”, joked the second person. “I get even more in love,” declared the third.


In recent months, Carol Narizinho performed a frenectomy, which aims to leave the person without a lisp, as was the case with the famous. when talking to magazine Quem on the subject, she confessed that she was always afraid of having the procedure.

“I always wanted to do it, but I was very afraid because it was in the language, something so delicate that we use so much to communicate. It gets in my way a lot to talk, kiss and move my tongue because this brake prevented me from sticking my tongue out, it caught my lower teeth and it hurt”, he began.

If you dedicate your life as an influencer, she confessed that only recently he realized the need to have a better diction. “As a child, I should have had the surgery and treatment with a speech therapist, but my family couldn’t afford it. Time passed and I got used to talking like that. But with a career as an influencer and actress, I felt the need to improve my diction, something I should have addressed from the start. But with the rush I always ended up leaving it for later and also because of the fear of having the surgery. I had phono therapy for a long time, but it didn’t resolve without surgery,” he said.

In a good mood, the artist who fought with Luiza Ambiel in A Fazenda 12, said she would have to stay at least seven days without kissing her boyfriend, as a medical recommendation for surgery.

“They recommend eating easy-to-chew foods and lots of ice cream and açaí. Which I loved (laughs). I also have to avoid strong spices like pepper and lemon for the next 3 days. From 5 to 7 days I still have to avoid moving my tongue too much. So it will be 7 days without kissing. Poor boyfriend! It is also important to note that surgery alone does not solve the problem. Next week I will start treatment with a speech therapist to improve my diction”, he said.

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