Carol Fishy
Carol Peixinho appeared in unusual clicks (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Carol Fishy sent fans’ imaginations skyrocketing by releasing a string of unexpected clicks. This time, the cat that became known after the BBB 19, appeared drying her hair in only her thong lingerie, and flaunted all the curves of her cured body.

In front of the mirror, the muse collected praise and even displayed the delicate tattoo on the butt. With almost 90 thousand likes, the big guys surrounded her with curious compliments.

“Wow, at these times we realize that even the dryer is luckier than I am,” said one boy. “I’m too passionate about this woman,” declared the second person. “I love it so much,” commented the last one.


In conversation with Gshow, Carol Fishy compared the difficulties of No Limite, with the BBB’s xepa. At the time, she revealed to have suffered much more in the survival reality. In addition, basic hygiene items were sorely missed every day.

“The xepa (from the BBB) is the ultimate luxury. There are 20 or so days without washing my hair, we had to struggle to get toothpaste (in No Limite). It’s perrengue after perrengue, but it’s amazing how we shape up. QWhen I arrived at the camp, completely without structures, I was scared! It was much worse than I thought. On rainy nights, then, it was hopeless. Very cold, a lot of shivering, it was punk, see?! What we went through was unforgettable. It felt like we were adrift,” she said.

Next, she mentioned how he missed some objects; “I really missed items for personal hygiene. There were many days without brushing teeth, without dental floss, without washing your hair, without using soap… Look, what a situation”, he commented.


With over four million followers, Carol always appears in hot photos on social media. In conversation with the newspaper EXTRA, she said she loves taking care of herself, and has no problem with dieting.

“I like many modalities. Today, I frequently practice weight training, running and wrestling. I love exercising! I feel an indescribable pleasure and it has been part of my daily life for many years. Of course that’s good too. But when you exercise frequently and it becomes pleasurable, you can awaken in you only good things. First, that your mind and body are in total connection and then you end up getting to know yourself, seeing what your body needs to function well”, he said.

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