Cars of Luis Díaz, Johan Mojica and more players of the current Colombian National Team

Colombia stands out for the speed of several of its players and although in this triple round of Qualifying has not been attacked so much, there are several footballers who sharpen their boots to run in the match against Ecuador, which will be this Thursday in Barranquilla.

Although the starting team has not been defined by Reinaldo Rueda, there are several players who already had action in some of the matches that have been disputed and could repeat participation in the Metropolitan.

Luis Díaz, Johan Mojica, both starters, and Luis Sinisterra or Yerson Candelo, substitutes for the Colombian National Team, are some of the fast footballers of the ‘Tricolor’ and their cars are not far behind. Of the defense of Nacional, and of several of his companions, images of their vehicles have already been known.

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Luis Díaz and his partner’s truck

He has not shown it, but Geraldine Ponce, the woman with whom he expects his first child, yes it has revealed images in which it is close to a BMW X6 pickup.

This vehicle is the one they have to move around the streets of Porto, city ​​where they spend most of the year and where Adhara, their first-born, will be born.

Luis Díaz is completing his second season in Porto and they have only shown this car, showing off that he is not a young man who is interested in showing off ostentatious tastesWell, not even in his first salary did he go crazy.

This is the truck that Geraldine Ponce has shown on her social networks, where she has always shown love for her partner:

Johan Mojica indulges in his Lamborghini and his Mercedes Benz

Unlike Luis Díaz, although they share the left wing in the Colombian National Team, he is Johan Mojica. The Colombian defender does like to cachet with his vehicles and has done so for several years.

In 2019, when he played for Girona, the Valle del Cauca was strolling through the streets of Barcelona in a Lamborghini that he also showed on his Instagram account a couple of times.

In 2020, before going to Atalanta, Johan Mojica was next to a green Mercedes Benz, also sporting, although it seems that he could not enjoy it much because soon after he left for Italian football.

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Luis Sinisterra’s car in Colombia

The young footballer has had a very good career in Dutch football and although it is not known with which vehicle it is mobilized in that country where bicycles abound.

What Sinisterra is very happy with is that when he passes through the country he has a BMW X6 to get around and a video shared by an upholstery page in Cali accounts for that.

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