Cars with automatic speed limiting system to appear in the EU

From 2022, the cars themselves will monitor the speed limit on the roads of the European Union. From July 1, according to the adopted regulations, all cars produced by the community’s factories must be equipped with a smart braking system.

As writes Le Figaro, a device will be installed on the cars that will track the speed of the vehicle in real time and compare it with the speed allowed on a specific section of the road. For this, the cars will also be equipped with cameras capable of distinguishing road signs. The information they collect will be correlated with data from the on-board navigation system. If the driver exceeds the speed limit, the car will beep. And if he ignores the warning, the gas pedal will harden to slow down the car.

Representatives of the French motorist associations have already tested a car with this technological innovation and found some drawbacks. So, according to Pierre Chasserey, the system mixed up the speed limit signs, forcing the driver to reduce the speed to the limit set for the exit from the motorway, although he continued to move straight. Some dissatisfaction is also caused by the fact that the system is activated by default. Of course, the driver can turn it off. “I would prefer that the driver was left with the choice to activate or not activate it initially,” Chasserey said.

In the meantime, the French interagency road safety delegation welcomed the innovation. According to statistics, one third of all fatalities in the country are associated with speeding. “These new devices are designed to alert drivers … This is useful for motorists who inadvertently exceed the speed limit,” said member of the interagency delegation, Marie Gaultier-Mellerey.

The main question that now torments motorists is how much the installation of this smart system will increase the cost of vehicles.

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