Cascais builds new school to replace the temporary one 50 years ago | Education

Cascais City Council (CMC) will build a new school from scratch to replace the current one Cascais Secondary School, which was provisional 50 years ago. The works start in July and are expected to be completed in 2025. The investment is 25.8 million euros.

The approval of the award of the contract will take place this Friday in an innovative way: it will be in the first decentralized meeting of the municipality that takes place in the old teaching equipment, before teachers and students.

As revealed to PÚBLICO those responsible for the autarchy chaired by Carlos Carreiras (PSD), the new facilities will serve 1,320 primary and secondary school students (day and night) “and will develop around a large square patio with trees that will be the center of the school”.

The building, on two floors and also quadrangular, “will house 44 classrooms, a library, an auditorium, a multi-sports pavilion and an outdoor space with full restoration of the existing pine forest”. The intervention area is 37,283m2, with 15,025m2 of total construction area.

Also according to those responsible for the Cascais municipality, the new school will be built on land adjacent to the current one, “with the particularity that the demolition work on the old school, as well as the construction of the new one, will take place without prejudice to the classes that will continue to take place there” . And in two phases: “First, the new school building will be built. Subsequently, the old school will be demolished, which will give way to the construction of the multi-sports pavilion” and “exterior arrangements that cover an existing pine forest”. “This pine forest will, however, be available for the enjoyment of the population”, they conclude.

The old Cascais Secondary School is installed in prefabricated pavilions inaugurated in May 1973, with only 21 classrooms with capacity for 813 students.

CMC advances with real estate purchase

Meanwhile, the CMC approved last Wednesday, in a meeting of the municipality, the opening of a public consultation to the real estate market for the acquisition of housing properties within the scope of the municipality’s Local Housing Strategy and the PRR’s Program to Support Access to Housing .

“These houses already built that the municipality intends to acquire must meet adequate habitability conditions, regardless of whether they are ready to live in or require prior rehabilitation works”, is stated in a statement.

Any natural or legal person governed by public or private law, national or foreign, may submit a proposal. Everyone will have to have their tax situation regularized. Undivided inheritances are included, provided that all heirs express their agreement. The properties will have to have authorization for use for housing.

“The municipality will proceed with the analysis of the properties presented, assessing compliance with the general requirements, construction standards, state of conservation and market analysis of the proposed sale price”, is added in the note.

The deadline for submitting proposals is open until April 30, 2023, and may be extended.

“Once acquired by the municipality, the properties are intended for beneficiaries who meet the requirements defined in the Cascais Local Housing Strategy and in the 1st Right Program — Program to Support Access to Housing of the PRR”, add those responsible for the municipality. Cascais.

“The funding for this measure is duly framed in the Collaboration Agreement between the Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation and the municipality of Cascais”, they add.

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