Case against former judge Awilda Reyes falls by order of a court
Case against former judge Awilda Reyes falls by order of a court

After six years of judicial process, a court declared this Friday the termination of the criminal action against the former judge Awilda Reyes Beltre, who was accused of negotiating sentences.

Judge Franchesca Potentini, of the Third Court of Instruction of the National District, decided, after a request from Reyes Beltré’s defense, that his case will not continue for various reasons.

Among them, that it has already fulfilled the maximum term established by the norm, which is four years. In addition, he ordered that all measures of coercion weighing against him cease.

As for the case against the former counselor of the Judiciary Francisco Arias Valera, also accused of negotiating sentences and having received money to free a defendant for hired assassins, the magistrate ordered that his process continue.

This, when considering that the causes of suspension have been attributed mostly to him. In this sense, the former judge will be known for a preliminary hearing.

Judge Potentini should have given her ruling on the case on December 29, however, she extended it for today because the opinion was not ready.

On December 9, at a hearing, the magistrate, Reyes Beltré, asked her to terminate the criminal action because the case has already been in court for six years, and the rule indicates that the maximum term of the criminal process is four. years.

The defense relied on article 148 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which establishes that the maximum duration of any process is four years, counted from the first acts of the procedure.

This judicial process began in December 2015 and in January 2016, the Office of the Special Prosecutor for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca) filed a formal accusation against Reyes Beltré and Arias Valera, accused of prevarication, criminal association and other crimes.

The case reached the Third Court of Instruction in May 2017, after it was declined from the special investigation, where it remained until Reyes Beltré was dismissed.

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