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With part of the cast at the Barra Mansa farm, Sunday was music between cast and technical staff

By Thailla Torres | 10/11/2021 11:19 AM

Sunday (10) was music at the Hotel Barra Mansa Pantanal, which belongs to the Rondon family and today is one of the accommodation and recording centers of the Pantanal remake. Cast and crew took a break from filming to enjoy country music.

In the profile of the inn, a short video shows Gabriel Sater playing and singing alongside his father, Almir Sater. The two are recording the first phase of the soap opera. The work began in September and several actors, supporting actors and protagonists, have already set foot in Mato Grosso do Sul for work.

Gabriel Sater won the role of Trindade, the same character as his father in the first edition of the novel. Almir Sater, in turn, in addition to acting with his son, revealed in a previous report that he also works on the soundtrack for the soap opera, at the invitation of the director himself.

Actors and technical staff are hosted in four centers, Pousada Barra Mansa, Pousada Barranco Alto, Fazenda Campi Novo – this one owned by Almir Sater – and Fazenda Primavera.

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