Cate Blanchett: A conductor’s “Tár” criticism makes her “sad”

Power instead of gender issues

In an interview with “Welt am Sonntag”, the Australian-American artist now reacts to the criticism. “I’ve spoken to conductors like Simone Young and Nathalie Stutzmann, who have an understanding of the, let’s call it, elastic, Tarkovsky-like level of interpretation of our film,” says Blanchett and continues: “‘Tár’ is about power, not about gender issues.”

But Blanchett also shows understanding: “But if, like Marin Alsop, you’ve broken the glass ceiling yourself, if you’ve been put on this pedestal all by yourself for a very long time, if you’ve been an extraordinary leader and a role model for women – then you can I can understand that she has a certain perspective on our film. She is entitled to her opinion. Absolutely.” But the actress also adds: “It just makes me very sad because this view does not capture our film.”

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