Catharina-Amalia could marry a woman and become queen, assures the prime minister of the Netherlands

“It’s terribly complicated.” Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, had to answer a thorny question submitted by his own party: Can a future Queen like Catharina-Amalia marry a woman and rule? Indeed, the constitution of the Dutch monarchy emphasizes that the succession to the throne must be done via a “legitimate descendant”. A vague formulation which would not, however, exclude royal same-sex marriages.

“We will see that when the time comes”

“The cabinet does not see why a descendant or a ruler should abdicate if he or she wishes to marry a person of the same sex”, explained Mark Rutte in remarks reported by the BBC. “We will see that when the time comes”, he added to local television as the near future of the Crown Princess is at the heart of speculation.

Catharina-Amalia from the Netherlands, 18 on December 7, will head to college next year, but her academic background is still unknown. Before that, the young woman will confide in a book, Amalia, to be published in mid-November. This summer, the eldest daughter of Maxima and Willem-Alexander let it be known that she was declining her juicy royal allowance, “uncomfortable” at the idea of ​​receiving this sum during the pandemic.

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