Catherine Ringer collapsed on stage in front of a terrified audience, on November 25, at the Forum de Liège …

It was unfortunately not a staging. Catherine Ringer has been victim of a malaise and collapsed in front of a worried audience, at the start of her concert at the Forum in Liège, Belgium, on November 25. “She was barely on her third song, it was precisely Marcia Baïla. We thought at first that it was part of the show but the music stopped and she said on the microphone: ‘I can’t sing anymore‘”, told The Meuse a fan of the singer of Rita Mitsouko, who was present during the show.

Catherine Ringer, on the ground: “I can’t sing”

Members of her team then rushed over to the 64-year-old singer, who was able to stand up slightly to sit on her lap and exclaimed, terrified: “I can’t singThe artist was then taken to his dressing room by his team and the concert ended on a note of fear for the fans who remained in the dark.
Last summer, Catherine Ringer saw herself in the obligation to cancel a series of concerts after having contracted the coronavirus. “Thanks to the vaccines, it was a mild Covid“, she had then declared on Facebook.

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