Catholic Education advocates the possibility of cooling off ...

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Catholic Education Flanders argues on Wednesday that schools can decide to insert a cooling off week in the week before the exam period. In this way, the educational umbrella wants to avoid quarantines during the exams, according to an extra newsletter that the educational umbrella has sent to its members.


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The number of corona infections is also increasing in education. According to the most recent figures, 23 schools have already been forced to switch to distance learning, while a multiple of them decided to introduce it for individual classes. With the exam period approaching, there is therefore a growing concern about a seriously disrupted exam period.

That is why more and more schools are asking to be able to introduce distance learning in the last week before the exam period. A question that Catholic Education Flanders is positive about. “Exams are an important measuring moment at which the school, students and their parents look at where students stand, after a trimester that was seriously disrupted pedagogically and organisationally. That is why we believe that schools that wish to do so should be able to use distance learning not only as an emergency measure, but also as a precautionary measure,” says Lieven Boeve, director-general of Catholic Education Flanders.

Together with the other educational umbrella organisations, Catholic education has asked the Flemish Minister of Education Ben Weyts for additional consultations to examine both the current situation and the prospects up to and including the Christmas holidays.

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