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La Católica is the great contender for Colo Colo in the fight for the title of the National Championship, however, the crusaders do not rush and prefer to go match by match, focusing on Cobresal and Santiago Wanderers before thinking about the clash against the albos of the next October 24.

UC is focused on the duels against Cobresal and Wanderers and not precisely against the albos.

In Catolica

© agency oneUC is focused on the duels against Cobresal and Wanderers and not precisely against the albos.

Universidad Católica resumed the course of the hand of Cristián Paulucci and was excited again with the long-awaited title of the National Championship, instance where the main rival to beat is the Colo Colo of Gustavo Quinteros.

On October 24th, albos and crusaders will collide on the 28th date of the contest, in a duel that can undoubtedly begin to define who will win the crown at the end of the day.

However, and despite the importance of the upcoming game to be played at the Monumental stadium, at UC they take it easy and prefer to focus on two duels that they have first against Mineros and then against Caturros.

“Now it’s Cobresal, then Wanderers comes and we’re watching out for us. I think the goal depends on us, If we fulfill our objective of winning game by game, the final goal would be there, so concentrate on that, “said Juan Leiva in a conference.

The crossover player added that “we are convinced that our style of play is going to go well for us.”

By the way, Leiva took the time to analyze what will be the tough challenge against the Miners this Saturday at 11:00.

“He is a rival who really plays very well, who makes very difficult games for all his rivals, especially those who go there”, clarified.

“We are trying to find a strategy for the physical exhaustion that we are going to have. We are convinced that we can achieve it and bring the three points,” he added.

“There are nine finals that we want to win, but we must go step by step and now all the energy and all the concentration is on Cobresal. We will go to a difficult court, a schedule that we are not used to, but we are preparing ourselves in the best way to win this final and from there we will think about what continues ”, concluded Leiva.

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