Mariana Goldfarb
Mariana Goldfarb appeared in unpublished clicks (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Mariana Goldfarb is in Maldives next to Cauã Reymond, and has been showing some details of the trip to fans. The model appeared in a sequence of unpublished photos, and stole the scene by putting the corpão to play with an orange thong piece.

With a contagious smile, the global partner showed off her ample breasts and a dry belly. “Light. Good morning, Brazil”, he said in the caption of the post.

“A powerful woman doesn’t want war with anyone,” joked a young man. “Beautiful from head to toe, ave maria”, commented the second person. “A spectacle”, said another one.

cute tribute

In recent weeks, Mariana Goldfarb showed a lot of cuteness on social media, by honoring his father, Julius Goldfarb. At the time, he turned 65 and heard from his beloved that the pandemic made her love for him even greater.

“I love you so much. But it’s so much. The pandemic came and in the midst of so much pain and so much loss the importance of love showed itself again as the most essential thing on Earth. How grateful I am to have you. How proud I am to be your continuation in the world. Your values, the human being upright, honest, loving, caring, kind that you are are kept in my skin. I love you for all eternity, and in the next ones too. Congratulations 65″, he vented.


With more than a million followers, the influencer always shares tips on living healthier. a few days ago she ended up getting stressed out by appearing with her natural hair, and rebutting prejudiced and sexist criticism from the haters.

“FREEDOM TO ALL TYPES OF HAIR. “Comb that hair, girl” . “You saw how sloppy she is, look at her hair.” . “Wow, it’s going to moisturize that hair.” . “This hair is looking like a dry straw.” …. How many thousand times have I heard this before: “how are you?” “do you need something?”, “why are you crying?”. “Did you get hurt?” he began.

In conclusion, she emphasized that no one should tell her what shape her hair should be. “You piss me off because of my hair. So, let me explain something here. I don’t think it’s fair that I have to keep doing my hair to show up here… Real life is like that, hair goes through phases, hair is messy, hair doesn’t have to be always tidy, always brushed, always hydrated. he is today [arrumado] because I worked yesterday and I still haven’t washed my hair. But still, he still has his stuff and I like him that way”, he pointed out.

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