Celaya embraces peace: citizen consultation forums inaugurated

Celaya.- The formal start of the citizen consultation forums “Celaya embraces peace”, organized by the Secretariat of Citizen Security, was held..

These forums are intended to promote the participation of the inhabitants of the municipality to citizenize security and have better decision-making.

The event is held at the Tecnológico de Celaya, and there will be seven forums, where there will be presentations, work tables and feedback and at the end a sample of results from them.

The objective will be to listen to the opinions and proposals of citizens that allow making the best decisions to improve security, it is what we call citizenizing security, based on suggestions and experiences of citizens, the Police is not alone, and that is why we will take the initiatives and social prevention policies ”, said the Secretary of Citizen Security, Jesús Ignacio Rivera Peralta.

For her part, Sophia Huett López, Executive Secretary of the National Public Security System, indicated that It is time for the municipality to begin to heal and rethink the present and the future since police actions are not the only solution, there must be efforts of society to achieve harmony and peace.

Highlighted that violence is a symptom of social degradation, represents social fragmentation and breaks ties.

They hold the first forum

The first forum was held with the theme “Government and Society Collaboration for Human Development”, which was in charge of Juan Carlos Usabiaga del Moral, the deputy Martín López Camacho; Eduardo Knapp Hernández, Director of Economic Development; Salvador Martínez Abud, Director of Inspection and José Arturo Yáñez Romero, Director of the Institute for Police Training.

They addressed topics such as “Experiences of public – private partnerships”, “Security and human development in Celaya”, “Citizen Observatories”, among others.

In the end, a work table was made where opinions, suggestions and proposals were collected that will be analyzed to be integrated into the security program 2021 – 2024.


  • The next forum will be held on November 24 at the Casa de la Cultura.
  • People who wish to participate can register by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling 461 192 15 00 extension 129.
  • They only ask for their name and if they belong to an association, name it and that’s it.

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