Celaya Government: Javier Mendoza accuses agandalle of leaving him without resources for works

Celaya.- Javier Mendoza Márquez again criticized that the Elvira Paniagua administration left him without resources for public works and described him as an agandalle that they will have to investigate.

It’s an agandalle, right? It’s not okay, but finally they had the upper hand and it was not in our hands, “he said.

On Sunday, after protesting as mayor, Javier Mendoza reproached the outgoing government for leaving him without resources to carry out public works in the last quarter of the year.

On his second day as mayor of Celaya, Mendoza Márquez indicated that the only resources that remained were to pay for the public works contracted by the government of Elvira Paniagua and pointed out that it was not correct to have hired everything before ending the administration.

He had to have respected the three months of our administration for us to exercise that resource, “commented the mayor.

We are just going to get to know them, they know that we did not have access to the information. I was talking with her (Elvira Paniagua) but when I spoke with her they had already made all their movement ”, he mentioned.

I don’t want to see it as a political issue, I want to see what another ingredient we can find out there ”, he highlighted.

The municipal president pointed out that This Monday I would have a meeting with the municipal treasurer, Lourdes Herrera, with whom I would analyze making budget reallocations to fulfill works that he promised in his campaign.

Right now I am going to verify it with Lulú (Herrera) the treasurer, but from what I understand is the fact that everything that was available for public works for the third quarter was already exercised, I think we have no resources to start any work, or comply none of the commitments we made during the campaign ”, he stated.

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