Celaya Puerto Interior: Governor promises that it will be ready before 2024

Celaya, Guanajuato.- The Inner Port 2 of Celaya will be consolidated before the current state administration ends, said Governor Diego sinhue Rodriguez.

During his visit to Celaya, the governor offered more details of the project that he announced last Sunday at the inauguration of Mayor Javier Mendoza Márquez.

Diego Sinhue Rodríguez reported that a study was carried out for nine months to confirm the economic viability to consolidate the project.

“We are already working with a banking institution, a financial model to be able to present it soon. First we will present it to the City Council of Celaya so that they can get to know it and that they can give us their opinion and approval and once we have the approval we will be in a position to announce it ”, he stressed.

Rodríguez Vallejo pointed out that they are seeking to promote a business model in which the state government invests the project, so the amount of investment that is needed is being evaluated.

“We have land there where we can contribute that land with investment but obviously there has to be a profit for the state, that is the financial model that this institution is looking for right now, how to square it and once it is there we will present it,” he explained.

Similarly, he explained that this logistics complex will be located near the Honda automotive plant where the Ferromex and Kansas City Southern railways intersect.

The state president said that the name Puerto Interior 2 was chosen as it is a well-known brand that is now seeking to expand.

“This (port) is different, it is a railway park or intermodal park that is very good for Celaya due to the logistics issue,” he said.

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