Celaya: The driver of a yellow Focus is murdered

Celaya, Guanajuato. The driver of a car Yellow focus was persecuted and assassinated this Thursday afternoon in the colony Villas de los Arcos.

The attack occurred after one in the afternoon at the corner of Villa de los Arcos Avenue and the closed Villa de la Fantasía, in the aforementioned neighborhood.

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The victim is a man who so far has not been identified, he was driving a Ford Focus ZX3 color amarillo.

When he realized that he was being chased by armed men, he tried to flee through the Cerrada de la Fantasia.

The car hit a tree in a house. PHOTO: AM

However, he was hit by the hitmen who they unloaded their large caliber weapons on at least eight occasions against the driver of the car.

After receiving several hits, the man lost control of the car and hit him against a tree that was located outside a house.

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Elements of the Municipal police cordon off the crime scene while conducting a search for the murderers.

Agents of the State Attorney General they went to collect the evidence to initiate the corresponding investigations.

The crime scene was delimited for the collection of evidence. PHOTO: AM

The man’s body was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), to perform the autopsy of law.

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