Celaya: the first Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras Festival begins

Celaya.- In order to preserve the legacy of the greatest artist from Celaya, the first Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras Festival began, organized by the College of Architects of Celaya.

To commemorate the 262 anniversary from the birth of the architect from Celaya, this festival was inaugurated in the Tresguerras monument in front of the Temple of Carmen.

Today begins the history of the Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras Festival (FET) ‘Ciudad y Arquitectura,’ which was conceived from thinking about the significance it can cause in the city. The objective of the FET is to value our cultural and architectural heritage, detonating our pride as a society and as residents of Celaya.”, Assured Victoria Rodríguez, president of the College of Architects.

In the same way, he pointed out that with the collaboration of all sectors of society it is sought thatThis festival is an icon of identity, roots, of tourism and economic spill and that is a reference of Celaya.

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The first FET began this Wednesday with its inauguration, a tour and placement of plaques in works cataloged by the INAH in conjunction with architecture students who study in the four university faculties that the city has.

The mayor of Celaya, Javier Mendoza Marquez, He was present at the opening of the festival where he asked to join the project to return Celaya its beauty and pride, and announced that during his administration he will renovate the nine traditional neighborhoods of the municipality, and continue the rescue of the Historic Center.

We will work to recover in our city the title of ‘Puerta de Oro del Bajío’. We are going to renovate the nine neighborhoods of the city that are the origin of our municipality, we are going to continue working to rescue our Historic Center and live in a beautiful and friendly Celaya for all“, he claimed.

This Thursday the activities of the festival will continue and a concert of the Conservatory of Music will be held inside the Temple of Carmen at 8 pm.

On Friday there will be a meal and a presentation of medals at the Casa Rotaría in addition to the claquetazo of the Tresguerras film by the actor Luis Fernando Palatto.

At noon on Saturday the closing of this festival will take place at the Tresguerras Bridge where the INAH plaque will be placed and a semblance of the restoration of the historic building by Saúl Alcántara Onofre will be exhibited.

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