Celaya.- The restoration works of the Tresguerras Bridge are 20 percent complete, the mayor reported Javier mendoza.

We were a little late because the river carried a lot of water due to the upstream runoff and that stopped a bit, but we are going to hit it with everything“, he pointed.

The previous municipal administration hired Grupo Celark for an amount of one million 956 thousand 897 pesos for the restoration of this bridge.

The first stage of this restoration It started from September 13 and will end on December 20 and the works consist of general cleaning, release of paint and enamel in the quarry, replacement of quarry in poor condition, application of waterproofing solution in the quarry, among others.

Similarly, it had been reported that the withdrawal of yellow paint that had been applied by Traffic and Highway Police personnel would be withdrawn in a second stage with a resource of 800 thousand pesos.

During his message at the commemorative act of the birth of Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras, the mayor of Celaya assured that he gave instructions to the director of Urban Development, Jorge Granados, to follow up and speed up the restoration work.

I cannot fail to mention this very unfortunate fact that we will have to correct immediately”, He indicated.

Javier Mendoza assured that during his administration they will be very careful with historical buildings so that this type of event does not occur again.

No penalties

The director of the Center of the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Guanajuato, David Jiménez Guillén, described as unfortunate paint application in the Tresguerras Bridge, but ruled out that the institute applies sanctions to those responsible.

Paint was applied that is neither adequate nor recommended for this type of property because the construction system of the historic bridge requires another type of intervention and conservation work.

“It was an unfortunate action that was recognized at the time by the then administration and they immediately offered all the facilities and resources to attend to it and reverse the deterioration.”, He assured.

David Jiménez clarified that the institute is not responsible for applying sanctions, since in any case that corresponds to the municipal government.

The INAH is simply seeking in these cases to reverse the correction of the damage, we are not going after people, we know that it was something intentional or premeditated or something that was to damage them, they were things that occurred under certain circumstances but in any case they do not merit punishments”, He assured.

The official pointed out that they are interested in the care and protection of the historic 212-year-old bridge, so the project presented by the municipal government was immediately approved, which has a one-year license to rehabilitate it.

We will be very vigilant, giving follow-up and supervision to these works. As long as the license is in force they can do it according to the resources, procedure and work. They are works that do not have to be done quickly but with great care”, He highlighted.

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