Bitcoin pharaohs - 11/13/2021 - Muniz Sodré

Amid the reigning political, administrative and social chaos, it is more relevant than ever to ponder on the Day of Zumbi dos Palmares, a commemoration so close to the Proclamation of the Republic. The fact is that, according to the general explainer of the nation Alberto Torres, the slave society, in sociopolitical terms, was always the best organized in the country until the Republic. A social order so complicit with itself that the words slavery and torture could not officially be uttered in Parliament.

Nothing of great surprise in a national history crossed by the founding vice which was the concentration of benefits on families, compadres and allies, with slavery at the base. First, the state is the big house and the empire. With the Republic, the State is a big house with no visible slave quarters. The republican regime was installed to ensure the patrimonial continuity of the appropriation of wealth and power under the guise of industrial capitalism.

Proclaimed as a liberal makeup of the slavery past, the new regime paved the way for a federation that only consolidated the rights of state oligarchies. Accommodating the State apparatus to archaism, the Republic was born Old.

The Proclamation was a last-minute, top-down event. To the point that, confused in Rio with a military parade, blacks feared that it could be a question of the restoration of slavery. There were historical precedents: in 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte restored slavery in the French colonies that had been extinguished in 1794. In 1856, the president of Nicaragua (William Walker, an American adventurer and pirate who had seized power) simply revoked abolition of slavery.

Among us, a double model of political-social domination has been preserved, which combines the authoritarianism of military custody with a system based on family and crony relationships. Citizen equality, proclaimed in the Constitution of 1891 by liberal influence, was something made for the English to see and hear.

As a result, power is exercised as a legacy of seigneurial forms, with semi-slave labor and a racial hierarchy that associates patriarchy with capitalism. A full citizen would be someone who has passed through the scrutiny of color, kinship or status. Hence the low level of republican culture: privilege is measured by “inegalitarianism”, as in the symptomatic episode in which someone proclaims “I am not a citizen, I am a graduate engineer”.

In the double background of the history of insurgencies, there are other dream republics. Zumbi was a warrior hero of his own, República dos Palmares, in Serra da Barriga. To celebrate it is to redefine the quilombo today, in the light of the black conscience movement, as a democratic struggle for citizenship without barriers.

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