Cezar Black receives homage from friends at Carnival in Salvador

Cezar Black may be confined to Big Brother Brasil, but he has been very well represented at Carnival in Salvador.

In love with revelry, the nurse received a tribute from friends during the Habeas Cups party, which takes place at the Sérgio Bezerra circuit, in Barra, this Wednesday (15).

Dressed as a sailor, along with another friend of the Bahian, Lucas Rodrigues, talked about how to make Cezar present at the revelry, even confined to the BBB.

“We came to honor our friend Cezar Black, who is on the BBB, and his theme is sailor, and we came dressed as a ‘sailor’ to remember him”, he said.

The sailor costume wasn’t just Lucas’s. This year, the theme of the ‘Rikezudas’ block, similar to the traditional ‘Muquiranas’, was “Marinheiras do Black”, with short skirt, sailor cap and tulle skirt.

“There are forty people, all friends, everyone is his friend too. We created the block five years ago and we always go out together, just friends, non-profit, the guys really get together, make the costumes, we make them ourselves and go out with the block”, says Lucas.

On social media, more of Black’s friends honored the nurse. There were also people who invested in the famous and controversial wig, which was a reason for conflict within Cezar’s BBB house with Tina.

*With information from reporter Elson Barbosa

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