Champions League |  Fernando Hierro on bad times for Spanish clubs: "Premier teams are very powerful" |  FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

The former Real Madrid player and Spain coach in Russia 2018, Fernando iron, pointed out that the last day of the Champions League It will be “complicated” for FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla and Villarreal, teams that in other editions “would already be classified”, and insisted that, for football, the representation of Spain in the competition is “very important ”.

Real Madrid is also going to play first in the group. The last day is going to be complicated and difficult for teams that in other editions would already be classified mathematically, we are going to suffer. Hopefully all the Spanish teams pass because for football, the representativeness of the Spanish teams is very important”, Indicated Fernando iron after an exhibition match between soccer legends.

The man from Malaga assured that the Champions League he loves it and “it is very well structured”. “It is a very short competition, there are six games and a mistake penalizes you a lot, but Real Madrid has gotten up after the poor result against the Sheriff. We know that it is a very special and very interesting competition, every year it surprises us with something. It seems like a spectacular competition to me”He added.

However, he regretted the bad moment of Spanish football, arguing the economic issue as the main reason for the downturn of Spanish teams. “The economic potential of the Premier League … We are very alarmist, everyone has the right to have a bad year”, He pointed out.

Spain has won the Champions League and the Europa League, the national team has won a lot … This is football and it is like that. Premier League teams are very powerful and with their economic situation they can face high-level signings”, He acknowledged.

Praise for the revulsive Vinicius

In addition, he celebrated the great moment that he lives Vinicius Jr at Real Madrid, a “happy” and “different” player. “I particularly love it, it brings joy to football. He is now having a lot of success in the face of goal and that adds a lot. He has enormous potential and beautiful football, to take risks, and he is at an extraordinary level. Its evolution has been stratospheric. The difference is that he scores more goals, that has made him take an important step forward”, He asserted.

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