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On the 5th day of the UEFA Champions League, VfL Wolfsburg lost to Sevilla FC without a chance. You can read the live ticker here.

  • FC Sevilla – VfL Wolfsburg 2: 0 (1: 0)
  • On the 5th day of the Champions League is subject to VfL in a must-win game against Sevilla
  • Florian Kohfeldt’s team presents itself toothless and doesn’t even come dangerously in front of the Spaniard’s goal
  • The live ticker for the game to read

FC Sevilla – VfL Wolfsburg 2: 0 (1: 0)

Line-up of Sevilla FC: Bounou – Montiel, Koundé, Diego Carlos (90. + 2. Augustinsson), Acuna – Fernando – Jordan (82. Delaney), Rakitic (90. + 2. Rekik) – Ocampos, Munir (79. Rafa Mir), Gomez ( 79. Torres)
List of VfL Wolfsburg: Pervan – Lacroix, Guilavogui, Brooks (87. Ginczek) – Baku (75. Mbabu), Vranckx (75. Lukabakio), Arnold, Roussillon (75. Otavio) – Gerhardt (66. Philipp), Wehgorst, Nmecha
Tore: 1: 0 Jordan (12th), 2: 0 Rafa Mir (90th + 7th)

Update from November 23rd, 11 p.m. – Conclusion on Sevilla FC against VfL Wolfsburg: The Lower Saxony deserve to lose with dominant Andalusians. The Spaniards start like the fire brigade and quickly bring Wolfsburg into trouble with the opening goal. As a result, VfL tried to get connected, but never developed any serious danger. Sevilla FC has the entire game under control and lets Wolfsburg seem unimaginative due to their high percentage of possession. With five points, VfL is now in last place in Group G and needs a miracle on the last match day (December 7th / 8th) to overwinter in Europe.

90. +7. Minute: TOOOOOOOOOOOOR! That was it – Sevilla increased to 2-0 thanks to Rafa Mir. The Andalusians intercept a pass from VfL and prevail on the right side. The cross into the penalty area can push me in without much resistance. The game is over immediately afterwards.

90. +6. Minute: The game is not over yet, but Wolfsburg has to come into the penalty area. Pervan goes forward with a free kick, but Sevilla almost hits the empty Wolfsburg goal in return.

90. +4. Minute: The Wolfsburgers simply lack chances to score. Seville seems to have the matter in the bag.

90. +2. Minute: Seville continues to turn the clock and brings two former Bundesliga professionals. Ludwig Augustinsson replaces Diego Carlos and Karim Rekik replaces Ivan Rakitic.

90th minute: Wolfsburg have five minutes left. If you consider the remaining offensive efforts of VfL, it should be difficult.

87. Minute: Florian Kohfeldt brings his last trump card: Daniel Ginczek comes for Brooks – VfL throws everything forward.

82. Minute: With Thomas Delaney, another player with Bundesliga experience enters the lawn. He replaces the goalscorer Joan Jordan. At the same time, VfL captain Arnold saw yellow because he was complaining about the Spaniard’s leisurely walk.

79. Minute: The hosts are also busy changing through: Alejandro Gomez makes way for Oliver Torres, while Rafa Mir comes on for Munir.

78. Minute: So far, the change offensive has not made itself felt. Sevilla still has the Lower Saxony under control.

Sevilla against Wolfsburg in the live ticker: VfL starts change offensive

75. Minute: Florian Kohfeldt blows the big change: Dodi Lukebakio replaces Vranchx, Kevin Mbabu replaces Ridle Baku and Jerome Roussillion leaves for Paulo Otavio.

72. Minute: Montiel has 2-0 for Sevilla on the foot! The full-back comes free in front of Pervan, who can only fist the ball away. In the follow-up, the VfL keeper then holds the ball.

70. Minute: The Wolfsburgers still have twenty minutes. The bad news, however, is that Sevilla currently seem closer to 2-0 than the Wolves are leveling.

68. Minute: If Seville comes in front of the Wolfsburg Gate, things often get tricky. Koundé checks Pervan with a volley from a distance, but the VfL keeper casually steers the projectile next to the box.

Seville against Wolfsburg in the live ticker: Kohfeldt brings new momentum

66. Minute: Florian Kohfeldt reacts. Maximilian Philipp comes for Yannick Gerhardt.

64th Minute: Vranchx has the equalizer on the foot. The young Wolfsburg refueled in the Spanish penalty area and actually only needs to lock. But the 19-year-old stalls and can barely be prevented from completing the course. Sevilla stay in the front.

59. Minute: And suddenly Seville has a great opportunity. Ocampos aims at Pervan’s goal from close range, his deflected shot can barely be defused by Guilavogui.

58. Minute: Most of the action continues in midfield. The Wolfsburg is noticeably lacking in punch and creativity, Florian Kohfeldt has not yet reacted.

54. Minute: As in the first half, VfL is extremely vulnerable in its structure today. Sevilla FC have not yet been able to take advantage of these simple mistakes.

51. Minute: Guilavogui clears Sevilla Acuna and sees the first Wolfsburg yellow card.

49. Minute: Maximilian Arnold tries his luck with a long-range shot, but shoots well over Bono’s goal.

46. Minute: And the ball rolls again! Both teams go into the second half unchanged.

Sevilla against Wolfsburg in the live ticker: disappointing first half for Wolfsburg

Update from November 23, 9:50 p.m .: Conclusion on the first half – The expected exciting game does not appear in the first 45 minutes. FC Sevilla starts like the fire brigade and quickly pushes the Wolfsburg back into their own half. The former header by Jordan is absolutely deserved and causes a state of emergency at the Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán. As a result, VfL does not really come into play and only has one significant chance to score. Sevilla, on the other hand, play typically Spanish: a lot of possession, many pass combinations and lurking for the crucial gap.

45. +1. Minute: The two teams go to the tea break.

45. Minute: There is one minute of added time!

43. Minute: At the end of the first half the game becomes more and more calm. Wolfsburg is losing the ball more and more often and often only knows how to help itself with fouls. But Seville also holds up well and remains toxic.

39. Minute: Sevilla managed to put pinpricks again and again and to disturb Wolfsburg in the construction. However, this does not yet result in a scoring chance.

36. Minute: Fernando earned the game’s first yellow card. Due to a stick fault, the 34-year-old Wout Weghorst cannot stop with a foul. The free kick from almost 30 meters does not pose any danger.

30. Minute: After half an hour it can be stated that the game still has room for improvement. Wolfsburg is still too passive in many phases, while Seville controls the action with high proportions of ball possession and slows down the pace significantly.

28. Minute: The game’s initially high tempo has slowed down, and the game is currently lagging behind. Neither team has the upper hand at the moment, with Sevilla FC having almost 70% possession.

23. Minute: Almost the compensation for VfL! Lukas Nmecha pulls from just outside the penalty area on the goal of Sevilla FC. Goalkeeper Bono just brings his fingertips to the shot, the leather finally falls from the crossbar back into the field.

17. Minute: The goal seems to have woken up VfL. Wolfsburg now appears more often in front of the Andalusians’ penalty area. However, more than one corner kick doesn’t jump out yet.

14. Minute: Seville is currently outperforming VfL in the table, Wolfsburg is only fourth! What is the reaction of the wolves!

Sevilla against Wolfsburg in the live ticker: Early deficit for VfL

12th minute: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOR! The Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán is raging! Jordan puts Sevilla FC in the lead. Ex-Schalke Ivan Rakitic brings a dangerous cross from the right into the box, where Joan Jordan can head unrestricted. Wolfsburg has acted far too passively so far!

8. Minute: First dangerous action! Jules Koundé checks Pervan for a corner, but the VfL goalkeeper is there and buries the ball under himself.

6. Minute: Little is going on for Wolfsburg at the moment. Seville delivers the center well, VfL rarely comes into the dangerous third.

3. Minute: The Andalusians start boldly and first push Wolfsburg into the back.

1st minute: The ball rolls in Seville!

Update from November 23, 8:58 p.m .: The last notes of the Champions League anthem have faded away. Ready to go!

Original message from November 23: Seville – The group stage of the UEFA Champions League* goes into her final moves. The remaining two games also have for the VfL Wolfsburg* an immense importance, reaching the last sixteen is still within reach for the Lower Saxony. Against the FC Sevilla* A victory must therefore be achieved, the table constellation promises an exciting game.

Sevilla against Wolfsburg: Tight fight for the last sixteen

Both Wolfsburg and the Andalusians currently have to tremble about progressing, both teams do not occupy the top two places in Group G. With five points, Lower Saxony are in third place, the reigning French champions OSC Lille are also in second place five points, but has the better goal difference. So far, Sevilla FC have only got three points and are in last place in the group. If the Spaniards remain without points, the Champions League adventure could end early.

“We don’t have the best starting position, but a good one,” confirmed Kohfeldt at the press conference on Monday evening, thereby also setting the route for his team: “If we want to overwinter in the Champions League, we should take something with us tomorrow.” That The first leg in Wolfsburg ended in a 1-1 draw.

VfL Wolfsburg: Goalkeeper Koen Casteels tested positive for Corona

Striker Lukas Nmecha, who has scored in all players under Kohfeldt so far, will also play an important role. So also in the 2-2 win against Bielefeld last weekend in the Bundesliga. “We’re finding our way around better and better,” says the 22-year-old. “I think we have a team that is good enough to score points.”

After recovering from a calf injury, Josuha Guilavogui will also be back in the Wolfsburg squad. On the other hand, goalkeeper and captain Koen Casteels, who will not be available after a positive corona test, will not be available. For him, Pavao Pervan will be in the box of wolves. (to) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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