Firefox 96 reduces mainframe load and improves noise and echo cancellation

Not just freshly released Firefox 96 sometimes caused serious problems with loading pages. Some users reported that the site didn’t load after the update, and Firefox did heavily loads the processor a memoryuntil it stops responding.

It happens all of a sudden while browsing some websites, such as my editorial colleague Lukáš Václavík. The only option in such a situation is to terminate the relevant process hard. Mozilla confirmed the early findings of the community, and it caused the problem HTTP / 3 processing. But the mistake only became apparent after it occurred to change settings on the part of the cloud provider.

The change of settings affected not only the last Firefox, but also the previous version, including the ESR edition. The situation was resolved remotely (just restart the browser in case of persistent problems, you don’t have to install the update), so the situation should not be repeated. Some have figured that out on a page before about:config just turn off the preset network.http.http3.enabled.

Manually disabling the protocol can cause problems in the future when communication is based solely on it. So Mozilla will have to remember to deal with the current temporary solution over time. Although HTTP / 3 is widely supported by browsers, it is officially a draft only.

Sources: Firefox Support on Twitter (1 | 2) | bug 1749908 on Bugzilla | r/Firefox

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