“Chantal in the Fairytale Land”: Jella Haase in the “Fack ju Göhte” spin-off

That’s what “Chantal in the fairytale land” is about

In the upcoming film, fan favorite Chantal is “unintentionally transported to a fairytale world, clears up reactionary fairytale clichés, fights witches and tyrannical kings – and above all for her friendship with Zeynep,” according to the Constantin Film press release. “‘Chantal in the Fairytale Land’ is like a dream. I am absolutely enchanted by this clever and funny fairy tale,” explains leading actress Haase, who was recently seen in the Netflix series “Kleo”.

The acting ensemble of the upcoming spin-off film includes Zeynep actress Gizem Emre, Max von der Groeben, Mido Kotaini, Maria Ehrich, Nora Tschirner and Frederick Lau. Constantin Film is also holding out the prospect of guest appearances by Nastassja Kinski, Jasmin Tabatabai and the aforementioned M’Barek. “Chantal in the Fairytale Land” is being staged, for which the shooting has just started, like all three “Fack ju Göhte” films before it by Bora Dagtekin (44). The filmmaker promises in advance: “It will be wild, magical and fun!”.

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