Chaos Behind the Scenes of Beckham’s Son’s Fairy Tale Wedding | celebrities

The wedding of Brooklyn, son of David and Victoria Beckham, with Nicola, the youngest daughter of American billionaire Nelson Peltz, in April last year, attracted around 500 people to Palm Beach, Florida, for a party full of glam and extravagances, which lasted three days.

With the sea as a backdrop and a huge list of celebrities, from top athletes to renowned actors, the wedding, whose photographs were published by vogue, it seemed like a dream. However, almost a year later, a lawsuit in which Nelson Peltz, 80 years old, accuses two organizers of the events of not having returned the down payment, of 159 thousand dollars, tells a different story, that the North American publication Page Six describe be full of “secrets, lies, chaos and distrust”.

Peltz filed a lawsuit against the event organizers Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba,​ and the two responded with another in which they accuse the multimillionaire and his family of not fulfilling the contract. And, in between, reveal details that draw a film of intrigue. For example, according to documents delivered in court, Nicola’s mother, Claudia, 67, tried at all costs to hide from her husband the exorbitance that was being spent on some details of the ceremony. “Claudia mentioned [a um dos organizadores] that Nelson could not have known the cost of hair and makeup or he would ‘kill her’”, says one of the statements delivered in court.

According to reports, the cost of the hair and makeup work was more than one hundred thousand dollars (94 thousand euros), including the travel of professionals. But the problems did not stop there.

Organizers accuse both the bride and her mother of stirring up chaos while hiding the wrongs from Brooklyn’s parents, former soccer star David and former Spice Victoria. Among the lapses, a guest list that was not revised and in which contacts were missing — and, meanwhile, Nicola continued to invite people through online chat groups without informing the professionals who were taking care of her wedding.

A behavior totally different from that of the Beckhams. The lawsuit alleges that the Brooklyn family’s guest list was “organized”, containing “completely revised contact information”. Maybe that’s why Claudia and Nicola took on the task of hiding the mistakes that emerged from the Beckhams.

Braghin and Grijalba were hired six weeks before the ceremony and released nine days later. Despite not having completed the work, the duo refused to return the down payment, claiming that the Peltz family violated the contract.

In addition, they reveal, the disorganization led to Nelson Peltz, who Braghin and Grijalba describe as “bully billionaire”, wanting to “cancel the wedding”, calling it “a shit show”. The party was saved by Claudia: “She begged Nelson not to cancel the wedding because it would ‘destroy Nicola’s career’”, say the organizers. Nicola, 28 years old, has, among her acting jobs, roles in the series Bates Motel (2013) and in films such as The Last Airbender (2010) and Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014).

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