Charity |

The Pope has described vaccination against Covid as an act of charity and now also as a “moral obligation”. He is a) very right and b) runs the risk of not being understood without further explanation of the terms: charity, obligation, how?

Today self-love reigns widespread, which in the best case gives birth to the grumpy misanthropist who withdraws from the world all around. In the more common case, it arouses the supposed obligation to tell the other person. The sense of wellbeing of one’s own moral superiority or one’s own intellectual manageability is so great that it is shouted out on social media and on the street what one’s own Phon have to offer.

Unfortunately, the index finger of the moralizers doesn’t make the world a better place and the dull “I’ll take my freedom” shout of the anti-vaccination agents doesn’t make the world healthier. Charity would be another possibility.

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