The pitcher Charlie Morton seems to be the best amulet to go to the postseason each year in baseball Big leagues.

If there is any player who could be said to be a lucky charm for an organization, it is Charlie Morton, the right-hander who now defends the Atlanta Braves uniform in the MLB.

A tip from Greg Rajan indicates that the 37-year-old starting pitcher will be in his third straight championship series at the Big Show.

He had previously done it with the Houston Astros (2018), Tampa Bay Rays (2019-2020), Atlanta Braves (2021), data that shows that it is a true lucky charm for the team with which he plays in the great tent.

If there is a franchise that must take data, those are the Yankees, who do not know what it is to win since 2009, perhaps bringing Morton would be good for them HAHAHAHAHA.

Pitcher Numbers

In Playoffs Charlie Morton registers a record of seven victories, four defeats in 70.2 innings of labor. He also has 81 fans and a WHIP of 1.17. Figures that show that, despite their age, the law continues to be in force in the MLB.

Atlanta were the first to qualify for the National League championship series, they still do not know who will be their rival who will come out of the San Francisco Giants against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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