Chascomús: a baby dies and there are 6 injured by a triple crash on Route 2

A van with a family on board, a minibus and a truck collided in the early morning of this Wednesday, September 15 on route 2, at km 96 hand to Mar del Plata. Due to the incident there are 6 injured, who were transferred to Chascomús and a 4-month-old baby died.

The accident occurred after 3.30 in the hand that goes to the Atlantic Coast, between Samborombón and Chascomús. ANDThe truck driver was trapped between the cabins for more than two hours and was able to be rescued by firefighters and police personnel.

Shortly after, personnel from the highway, the Buenos Aires police and the SAME province attended the scene and assisted the injured, who were transferred to the Chascomús hospital.As sources explained, traffic in the area has been cut off from the time of the accident. and a diversion is made by contra lane from km 96 to 97.

Now, road safety personnel from the Aubasa company are waiting for the experts to be able to remove the vehicles and clear the route.


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