Insecurity in the country lurks around every corner. We hear more and more frequently of barbaric acts that frighten us and lead us to think that Mexico is increasingly controlled by criminal groups. Although the owner of the Baby’O club in Acapulco that was set on fire a few days ago has declared that he received threats from no group, nor did they request a fee for the premises, it is not credible that an act of this nature is not communicating a threatening message. On the one hand, it could be a warning to businessmen and merchants, and on the other, the affected person should not disclose if he received any threat or extortion so as not to damage the famous name of the place, avoid instilling panic in the clientele and fear of reprisals .

The collection of floor to businesses is becoming more and more common and criminal control is more and more intense. Days after the Baby’O fire, the groups demanded that soft drinks and beers be bought for themselves. The situation worsens because there are several extortionists and they all ask for their cut. That is why the demand for the price hike in tortillas. At the end of the day, even the consumer is affected by paying more for the products.

Between 2019 and 2020, extortion was the second most recurrent crime of the local jurisdiction in the country. The economic amount obtained from extortion has been so effective that it has reached the amount that the federal government allocated in 2018 to the states for the security fund FASP and FORTASEG.

The fact that the victims of this crime are afraid, do not know where to turn, distrust the authorities and do not report, has caused this crime to increase. To combat floor charges, the authorities must first recognize the seriousness of the problem and devote priority attention to it: resources, energy, strategy and research. The federal government has been unable to prevent or control extortion. The problem grows affecting the security, the economy and the source of work for many people. Organized crime has left ghost communities in Michoacán. Hundreds of people leave their land due to violence and insecurity. Entire families flee for fear that their homes will be destroyed due to extortion. Organized crime groups have forced people to leave their possessions.

With this problem that is damaging so many people in more and more states, how is it possible that time and effort is spent pursuing 31 scientists from the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) accusing them of organized crime and money laundering? It is shameful and unacceptable! The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic insists on obtaining arrest warrants against the accused, but the control judge rejects it, alleging that the resources in dispute were legal. Putting scientists at the level of dangerous criminals who threaten the lives and assets of working people is absurd. This government does not attend to what truly affects the citizenry.


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